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Anthos* ~The Way I Am~SETSUNA'Might be' Teaser
Anthos*『Flash Point』 Official MV(Thinking reed Ver.)
Anthos*『Shine On』Official Teaser (Song Spoiler Ver.)
Anthos*『Flash Point』 Official MV Teaser (50s Ver.)
Anthos* ~The Way I Am~MAHIRO'Tycoon' Teaser
Loulou*di『Empty Dream』 Official MV(Thinking reed Ver.)
Loulou*di『Addictive Whispering』Official Teaser (Song Spoiler Ver.)
Anthos* ~The Way I Am~HARUTA'太陽が眠ってる時間に' Teaser
Loulou*di『Empty Dream』Official Teaser (Song Spoiler Ver.)
Anthos* The Way I Am~CHISE~'Persona' Teaser
華Doll*2nd season『Flowering→INCOMPLICA』 Trailer
Anthos* ~The Way I Am~RYOGA'The Days' Teaser
Anthos* The Way I Am~KAORU~'Breathe' Teaser
Anthos* The Way I Am~LIHITO~'Pain In My Heart' Teaser
Anthos『I know,Who I am』 Official MV (Thinking reed Ver.)
Anthos『I know,Who I am』 Official MV Teaser (30s Ver.)
Anthos『Me Against Myself』 Official MV (Thinking reed Ver.)
Anthos『Silent Message』Official Teaser (Song Spoiler Ver.)
Anthos『Me Against Myself』 Official MV Teaser (45s Ver.)
Anthos『ChangeYourWorld』 Official MV(Thinking reed Ver.)
Anthos『S.T.O.P』 Official MV (Thinking reed Ver.)
Anthos『ChangeYourWorld』 Official MV Teaser (30s Ver.)
Anthos『S.T.O.P』 Official MV Teaser (30s Ver.)
Anthos『Juliet』 Official MV (Thinking reed Ver.)
Anthos『Stay Away』 Official MV Teaser (Song Spoiler Ver.)
Anthos『Juliet』 Official MV Teaser Ver.
Anthos『Unknown』 Official MV (Thinking reed Ver. )
Anthos『BIRTH』 Official MV (Thinking reed Ver.)
Anthos『Unknown』 Official MV Teaser Ver.
Anthos『BIRTH』 Official MV Teaser Ver.
『Anthos Debut Teaser』
『華Doll*』コンセプトトレーラー(Japanese Ver.)